High Speed Two (HS2)

HS2 will be the new high speed backbone of Britain’s rail network, but it’s much more just a railway. It is a catalyst for growth: revitalising the country, creating new opportunities for jobs and skills, regenerating towns and cities, and bringing us all closer as a nation.

The new network will connect eight of Britain’s ten largest cities, making it faster and easier to travel for work, business and leisure. Trains will run between London and Birmingham from 2026, extend to Crewe by 2027 and travel at high speed all the way to Manchester, the East Midlands and Leeds from 2033.

From day one, HS2 trains will also integrate into the existing network, serving towns and cities such as Liverpool, York, Newcastle, Sheffield, Preston, Wigan and Carlisle, Glasgow and Edinburgh. This will change the geography of Britain as we know it, bringing more places, better lifestyles, and connections to the people we love, within easy reach.